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Intellectual outputs

IO1 “Training and awareness model”
01-09-2019 / 31-08-2020
This output has been produced by the researchers of all the partners in the RESEARCH phase and has involved European students belonging to the partner schools and some young people and their families attending the Partner Associations.
All those who were part of the reference sample and were included in the model testing had to give written consent and permission to process sensitive data.
The innovation of this precise training model is given by the use of tools (e-learning and experiential laboratories) and methodologies (Parish Maps, narrative interviews, role playing) that have never been used simultaneously by students.
It is possible to find elements of originality both in the topics covered, and in the modes of reflection, introspection and relationship, with which students assimilate these topics and make them part of themselves.
The results obtained are directed towards the direction of school policies, first local, and then regional and national towards a more participatory and extended training model.
In fact, through training, awareness, reflection and participation in functional workshops in the preparation of Parish Maps it is possible to create a shared community of knowledge, relationship and integration of students who have problems.

IO2 “European e-learning platform”  
01-11-2019 / 31-01-2021
The decision to carry out this ingenuity work supported the goal of developing a complex system of knowledge management, awareness and interaction.
The innovativeness of e-learning has allowed us to address the themes of the project in different ways: individual and collective, common and personalized, monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary.
The impacts expected at local and then regional level are linked in making the educational community capable of transmitting knowledge, skills and abilities in real time and even remotely and the organization and monitoring of working groups, laboratories and group work.
The impact at European level has been to combine content, technologies and cognitive aspects, closely linked to the social world and to transfer them to the world of education.

IO3 “Workshops, Parish maps, narrative interviews and questionnaires”
01-02-2021 / 30-04-2022
Innovation lies in the methodologies that have been used:
- workshops, video shootings and parish maps will contribute to the replicability of the project;
- integrated validation at European level will make it possible to use and re-propose the model in similar contexts and to replicate it, with the necessary changes, to the different sectoral and territorial contexts;
- the shared work of students from different European countries has already enabled the laboratories to put into practice what they have learned with the project itself.
The expected impacts at the first local, then regional and finally national level will be linked to the involvement of teachers, the design of an attractive and extremely flexible training model depending on the context and the problems that need to be addressed.
The entry into force of the model within 5 years will arouse the curiosity of political decision-makers who will be able to include it in national educational planning.

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