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Multiplier events

E1 “Methods and tools of the model: parish maps,
narrative interviews, questionnaires”
June 1st-2nd, 2022 in Rzeszów (Poland)
The multiplier event involved around 70 internal and 35 external participants.
The goal has been to involve the largest number of representatives of institutions, companies and associations in order to:
  • sensitize the public opinion to the project message "to be aware of the dignity of one's own and of others leads not to commit acts of violence",
  • promote a cultural change that points to the sharing of information and the exchange of good practices between the different worlds that constitute the European training and awareness model,
  • focus on the transversal and permanent function of orientation, by designing a model of training and awareness that allows students to reflect on who they are and how they relate with others, educating them to dignity and respect.

E2 “The training and awareness model”  
July 7th-8th, 2022 in Bucharest (Romania)
The multiplier event involved around 70 internal and 35 external participants.
The aim was to:
  • include education in dignity as a universal right in the educational process;
  • convey the message of combating violence, of promoting communication and information that is respectful of "problems" through means and tools belonging to different realities,
  • facilitate a greater process of social and cultural awareness through the dissemination of the new model to reject and combat discriminatory behaviors and relationships,
  • provide the new generations with a method to understand the reality and the stereotypes that surround them, in order to identify and not fuel any uneasy situations,
  • increase the level of knowledge of the phenomena "discrimination, prejudice, distress", so as to strengthen the collaborations between national and international territorial structures,
  • educate students to take opinions, attitudes and behaviors that lead to respect for themselves and others, in every circumstance and condition as human beings regardless of any distinction of sex, race, religion,
  • contribute to respect and social integration by leveraging on the educational functions of associations, such as sports and social welfare.
Watch the video to see more about the Multiplier Event !

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