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The strength of the project: the partnership
LIM company was founded in 2008 and employs a team of consultants who have gained significant experience in consulting, training and problem solving. the added value of the staff, given by the knowledge of both public and private realities, allows us to examine in a more fitting way the problems that may arise from time to time.   
The social cooperative Il Brutto Anatroccolo was established in 1982. It operates in Italy (Municipio III - Roma Capitale) and deals with services and home interventions, school inclusion, semi-residential and residential services for citizens with disabilities, the elderly, children at risk of discomfort social, youth and adolescents and, in general, people living in conditions of social marginality.
The Liceo Francesco D'Assisi was founded in 1967 and offer of  combining tradition and innovation, fosters the growth of Italian and European citizens, attentive to the transformations of society, sensitive to stimuli and changes, able to fit into a multicultural dimension.

Zespol Szkol Agroprzedsiebiorczosci is a school with a long history and huge traditions. It is a school that trains landscape architecture techniques and environmental protection techniques. Students learning in the profession of landscape architecture technician acquire knowledge and skills in the field of designing.

CRAS was established in September 2006 as a nongovernmental non-profit organization. It was founded by a group of idealists, who committing to work for others, wanted to change the world and made it a better place.  The main objective of CRAS is to promote the social, economic and cultural development of the Podkarpackie region.

The Liceul Teoretic "Stefan Odobleja" has 1600 students in 20 primary education classes, 13 secondary classes and 24 high school classes, built in 2002. The highschool has classes of mathematics-informatics intensive computer science and intensive English and humanistc classes.

Conil is a Romanian private school for disabled kids. Our children have different disabilities such as Down Sindrom, TSA, Epilepsy, ADHD, mental retard etc. Their age is between 3 and 14 years old. The main scope of our school is to identify their abilities and to work up in order to develop and improve those abilities. In the same time we try to increase their learning performances by using alternative methods of teaching and learning.

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