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Two transnational meetings will be scheduled (one in Romania and one in Poland), in which a senior partner researcher will participate and a representative of the sample of the partner country in which the meeting will take place.
Each meeting will involve two days, in which part of the program will be involved in monitoring activities and the other part will be held in workshops.
In the part of the meeting linked to the monitoring the researchers will evaluate the project, solve any problems, provide the guidelines to follow for subsequent actions and verify the effectiveness of the communication strategy.
In the second part of the meetings will be organized workshops in which a representation of the target group will be invited to participate to show the usability, effectiveness and dynamism of the training and awareness model; students from the other partner countries will also be connected via Skype, in order to start a direct comparison on the different ways of learning and working in groups.
In addition, every 4 months, skype calls will be provided that will allow partners to cooperate and align themselves on project activities, to raise any problems and at the same time to identify solutions quickly.

The first meeting took place in Romania in January 2020 and was carried out on:
1. Partner’s presentation
2. Project presentation about:
a. Aims.
b. Partners involvements.
c. Budget per partners.
d. Explanations of budget items (Transnational Meetings, Intellectual Outputs, Multiplier Events and Short-Term Mobilities).
3. Partner’s expectations:
a. Cooperation between partners also inside and outside this project.
b. Realization, dissemination and use of the project products even after the end of the project.
4. Showing share-folder in the Google Drive, where partners will find attached the project documents and will upload all the research reports.
5. Tour of the Romanian school.
6. Fixing dates for the upcoming Transnational Meetings, Multiplier Events and Short-Term Mobility

1 TPM in Bucharest
January, 8th-9th 2020
Thank you all again for your participation to the meeting
and the interesting information and insights you’ve shared with everyone,
which contributed to kick-start this project in a positive and successful way.
The second meeting will focus on the final validation of the model and the technological infrastructure, on the effectiveness of the communication strategy of the whole format.
2 TPM in Poland
May 2022
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